About us

When the network was launched in 2007, the Retail Distribution Review was a new idea from the FSA, a review that was set to change the retail investment world. It certainly did and has provided us with much to discuss and debate at meeting ever since.

Regulatory issues continue to be a major talking point with even more hurdles to jump such as Mifid II and GDBR; on the technology front, fin tech, so-called robo advice and Blockchain give us much material whilst Pensions Freedom continues to cast a long shadow. On the distribution side, vertical integration and the move to restricted status are the issues dominating the landscape. In short, there is no lack of themes!

The Investment Network is chaired by Clive Waller, and backed by a management board made up of some of the most respected and experienced figures in the industry, whose contacts and influence help to ensure that leading experts are engaged to speak on issues of the greatest importance and concern to members.

Many of us attend one or two day industry conferences through the year. Whilst some are excellent, many now offer a recipe of the same old speakers presenting loosely disguised commercials for their latest offerings to an audience beyond the doors of the conference hotel and to the trade press. As a result, attendance is limited, more and more, to representatives of the sponsors and a few consultants.

For less than the cost of just one of these conferences, The Investment Network offers four conferences a year, where members can listen to top rate speakers enjoying the freedom offered by the Chatham House rule and addressing the real issues that we face today. In addition, there is often the priceless opportunity to join members, speakers and guests in one-to-ones at the bar or around the dinner or breakfast table and over coffee.

is great benefit for senior professionals in the field of retail investment to be able to consider the effect of changes with their peers in a non-competitive, relaxed and informal environment, in order to best understand how to cope with them and advise their respective organisations.

Membership will be of interest to:

  • Fund managers
  • Discretionary managers and stockbrokers
  • Life and pensions companies
  • Platform managers
  • Advisers
  • Distributors
  • Investment industry service providers
  • Specialist consultants

Membership is strictly limited in order to obtain the best possible quality of debate. Corporate and individual memberships are available.

Conferences are run over 24 hours from a Thursday evening to early Friday afternoon. Typically, they include a dinner with guest speaker and four or five further sessions. Conference locations are within 40 miles of central London. The objective is open, relaxed and constructive debate in an informal environment, allowing the opportunity for members to interact with their peers, colleagues and friends. Observers from government and the regulator are invited to attend from time to time. Members may invite guests (space permitting) for a small additional charge.